Thursday, October 1, 2009

a word from the prez

Hello one and all. There is not much say about myself. The agent assigned to me at the moment is constantly bugging me about my little tests that I do every now and then. These tests consist of me disappearing into the crowd and hoping that agent Lee is man enough to come and drag me back. Believe me, she is. My ear still hurts from her long fingernails. Also these are not just tests. I get bored at times and the game hide and go seek is one of my favorites. My favorite part is trying to find a interesting hiding spot. Remember that time I hid in that tree right above the head of that one important person... can't remember that guys name right now... anyways...

I have only one thing to say about her comment about acting my age. I just have to point out that I am the elder of the team. I am also a thespian so that means I can "act" any age I choose to be at any moment and at any time. This helps me with the whole sneaky business that is required when you somewhat... *cough*... rule the world.

One more thing... I can't help myself if I like Kelly Clarkson and All-American Rejects. They have cool music. How about My Chemical Romance, We Shot the Moon, or that one guy that sings the song called Grace Kelly where he goes into falsetto?

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