Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bodyguard Woes

This is Special Agent Lee again.

Have you ever been in one of those situations where the principal (meaning the person you're hired to guard) just refuses to cooperate? When they off into unknown situations and ignore all possible consequences of their actions? This seems to have become a sort of 'game' for my principal (who happens to be the president). She insists that bodyguards should have fun and 'loosen up'. So she runs off into a crowd or something and yells "Catch me if you can!"

With all due respect, Madame President: CUT IT OUT! If you get shot or injured or anything else, it's my rear that's going to get grilled, not yours. And if I get grilled for something like this, I am not letting you off the hook. Chain of Command be screwed. So I suggest you start acting your age...or at least your rank, for the love of all things espionage.

And for crying out loud, stop changing the communications frequency to music radio; there's only so much Kelly Clarkson and All-American Rejects an agent can take. And I need those earrings back.

Special Agent A. Lee
Secret Service

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