Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Why hello everyone.

I bet you thought I had left the planet. Which, I probably did, but that is all secret hush-hush so don't ask me for details until after Dec. 2012. So much has happened since that short post I made around the beginning of this year, or was it last year.

Anyway, Greece was fun, well it was technically all of Europe. That was where I spent my vacation time when I was not (or was I?) in space. I even paid a visit to Stonehenge before I came back home, to make sure there was no lingering traces of a certain box that had been hidden there.

No worries. It's gone. Maybe that's why I was in space. Who knows?

I am sad to say that Agent Lee was right. She has been assigned to another top secret agenda right now, so we have not seen each other for a while. But you would be glad to know that I do drop her goodies every now and then. Even while she's out on assignment. It was really fun to dangle from a helicopter so that I could drop a box of chocolate chip cookies down into a hidden stone chimney that led down to a secret hide-out.

Just to be technical, my "wave pool" that Agent Lee referred to in an earlier post is non-existent. That money is being put to better use. A use that I cannot say until after Dec. 2012 or was is 2011? I don't remember and my contact with whom I talk to about this future event is currently out of reach and I don't have a good long-distance plan for a call to actually go through. 

Even if I did get a call through all I would hear about is stetsons instead of fezzes, bow-ties, and be prepared to run.