Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Report From Special Agent Lee

This is Special Agent Annabel Lee of the US Secret Service (fictional). I am the bodyguard for Madame President (for security reasons, her name will remain confidential). Despite my young age (no comments, all you smart-alecs), I have advances in the services quite quickly. I thought I was completely prepared for absolutely anything this country or any other could throw at me.

Not so.

I was assigned to Madame President, every bodyguard's worst nightmare. Why? I'll tell you why. She's spontaneous, spastic, crazy, high-on-sugar drama queen. Every time I secure the area, it seems like she decides to skip off somewhere or run into a crowd for hoots.

Let me tell you something, Madame President: I do not enjoy tag, hide and seek, or any other childish games. Nor do I appreciate your taking my Beretta. Please give it back.


Special Agent Annabel Lee
'Agent L'


Hello all, this is HB. So, this is sort of a fun in-character blog for myself and MAB. I will henceforth be referred to as 'Special Agent Lee: Head of Secret Service'. MAB is 'Madame President'.

This is basically a sort of combined blog for the both of us (our characters, that is) where we talk/rant about our respective lives. I rant about how spastic Madame President is and how she makes bad security operations even worse by running off and not following safety procedures, and she rants about...whatever.

So voila. Just so it's clear that we are not, in fact, impersonating secret agents and politicians. Well we are, but...you know. Illegally.