Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Report From Special Agent Lee

This is Special Agent Annabel Lee of the US Secret Service (fictional). I am the bodyguard for Madame President (for security reasons, her name will remain confidential). Despite my young age (no comments, all you smart-alecs), I have advances in the services quite quickly. I thought I was completely prepared for absolutely anything this country or any other could throw at me.

Not so.

I was assigned to Madame President, every bodyguard's worst nightmare. Why? I'll tell you why. She's spontaneous, spastic, crazy, high-on-sugar drama queen. Every time I secure the area, it seems like she decides to skip off somewhere or run into a crowd for hoots.

Let me tell you something, Madame President: I do not enjoy tag, hide and seek, or any other childish games. Nor do I appreciate your taking my Beretta. Please give it back.


Special Agent Annabel Lee
'Agent L'

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