Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Stuff

Hello all. Madame President was SUPPOSED to update a few MONTHS ago, but she didn't. So I will, I guess.

Have you ever thought about what would be the coolest thing to do? EVER? I have. I've compiled a list here:

1. Go head to head against Jason Bourne.

2. Remove someone's appendix in an emergency surgery.

3. Skydive into rural Indonesia for six-day survival training.

4. Shoot a crossbow.

5. Drive a Bugatti Veyron

6. Ride a motorcycle on North Yungas Road

7. Hike through Aokigahara for survival training.

8. Spend a month in Malaysia surviving in the rainforest.

9. Re-enact a museum high-security robbery.

10. Fly a NASA X-43A.

Ah, the beauty of it all (even though most people say that I'm nuts).

Secret Agent Annabel Lee
United States Secret Service

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