Friday, February 5, 2010

My Post

Well, as Agent Lee stated below I was supposed to post months ago. But in my defense I've had too much to do, and I had Post on Blog written on a post-it note that was stuck to the back of my computer. Don't ask me how it got there, because I have no clue.
But Agent Lee has given me an idea!!! I will put down my own list of what I would like to do in the future. Goodie! *rubbing hands together in excitement* Let's begin....
1. Take over the word

(Wait a minute....I've already have done that....whoops. Oh well.)

2. Finish taking over China so that may be able to knock the earth out of orbit...
(i'll have to explain this one later.)

3. Take the world's leaders and my writing teacher out fly fishing.

4. Have a shinny robo suit like Iron Man. (With that, who needs secret service?)

5. Have secret Bases in every state that I could access with underground freeways.

6. Have a World wide PJ day.

7. Change the standard president dress to something along the lines of Matrix

8. Follow Agent Lee to one of her survival training trips and bring lots of chocolate chip cookies, matches, radio, and not share.

9. Travel by horse back from the tip of the rocky mountains in Canada to the bottom in Southern Utah/Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico.

10. Have Agent Lee fluent in ASL so that we can actually communicate during secret missions and be able to tell jokes to each other across the room during top secret meetings.

Madam President

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