Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally, A Computer!

This is Agent Lee--
I apologize profusely for the lack of correspondence on my part; my computer died back in November (possibly October) and I was just able to get a new one this month. At last, internet!

Not much has been happening. I've been taking place in United Nations talks (on behalf of Madame President). They went well--except for the fact that my good friend and UN partner Robert decided that caucus was a good time to start a Gin Rummy tournament...and the Sprite in a paper bag...and the tic-tac-toe with China...but other than that, it was fairly successful.

Madame President has been busy--she is currently in Greece on a conference. I'm stuck here; but if she goes missing again, I will throw a holy fit and storm the embassies and arcades of Greece.

Don't think I'm joking, Madame President--you know I'm not!

Secret Agent Annabel Lee

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