Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SHH...I'm Hiding

Hello everyone of the planet earth. I am typing to one and all from my secret computer in the basement of the big house. I have skulked...(hehe...i love the word skulk....i try to use it on a daily basis. anyways)... out of one of the many meetings I have on a daily basis and hide in the basement where I am in my pj's, eating ice cream and cookies, and watching the latest movies. Such as Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, and other fun stuff!!! Yay!
You might be wondering how I managed to skulk away without detection. It is because I have a substitute body guard. (who, in my opinion, isn't really good at his job. I wonder how he became a special agent in the first place... the mysteries that haunt my mind.) You are wondering what happened to my beloved body guard that you have grown to love Agent Lee is. Taiwan's what happened. She got called away for a special training thingy and didn't think of taking me. How unthoughtful of her.
Okay everyone....I have a special surprise for you all....Hold your breath in anticipation!!!! Okay... I'm going-------------

1 comment:

  1. Madame President? Madame President, where are you?! WHERE IS YOUR BODYGUARD! I am flying back from Taiwan RIGHT NOW!!!