Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi...(nothing to say, really)

Hello everyone. I'm sorry, but I have nothing to write. I am completely drained. So, as you might have heard, Madame Stupid ditched her "temporary replacement" bodyguard to hang out at the arcade. Can you believe it?! I mean, here I am with my first week off since the Calcium Debacle of '09 (stupid congressmen's aids and their stupid gallons of milk) and Madame President goes and screws it up.

Oh well. I found a new outlet to unwind: deserts. I made some parfaits last night (with mint and raspberries from MY garden) and they turned out pretty cuss good.

Anyway, I'm thinking of making Madame President come with me to the shooting range.

And not giving her earplugs.

I have a feeling that'll make me feel MUCH better.

Secret Agent A. Lee
Personal Presidential Bodyguard
United States Secret Service

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